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Updated: May 18, 2022


location: Warszawa usable area: 7 160 m² project: 2017

construction: 2021-2022

investor: Home Invest

Warsaw's Białołęka is an area that has been one of the most popular locations for residential buildings for many years. The area closest to the investment site is architecturally very diverse - there are both multi-family buildings and single-family houses. The building was designed on a slope-shaped plot, located in the immediate vicinity of wooded areas. In order to meet the neighborhood of very different heights and the requirements of a difficult plot, a building in the form of a "cascade" was designed, starting with a three-storey entrance zone from the intersection of streets and the highest density of neighboring buildings. In the further part of the plot, the building gradually grows to reach the height of eight storeys in the part located next to forest plots.

Due to the large differences in the ground level, the building has a partially above-ground garage, which flanks the courtyard, which serves also as a green access ramp to the ground floor.


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