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Updated: Jul 22, 2022


location: Warszawa usable area: 47 000 m² project: 2018-2023

building permit: 2022

The concept was based on an indirect reference to the visual identification of the „Bemowo Line” investment. The body of the building of various terraced heights required a strong architectural gesture that would give it a unique character. That is why the facades are made of long, horizontal window strips that have been subtly sculpted by introducing different window heights. Joinery and panes are designed in the same dark colors, which contrasts with the bright plaster constituting the background for these elongated compositional elements. The classic combination of deep gray and luminous white guarantees timeless elegance. Glazed storefronts on the ground floor and passage under the building give the impression of lightness of the entire building, which seems to almost float, based solely on slender pillars. The layout of the building on the plot creates an open semi-courtyard from the internal road, which will be the main axis of communication for the future housing estate.


© 2018 BDM Architekci

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