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location: Warsaw usable area: 26 106 m² project: 2020

Referring to the surrounding socialist-realist housing estate of Praga II, the new building takes a form of a regular quarter with two free-standing blocks in the middle. This layout of buildings intuitively divides the neighborhood into three new courtyards. The middle one is a semi-public passage with access to social facilities like kindergarten and a special building dedicated to integration between neighbors. The passage creates a livable and attractive urban spot by embracing an already existing green alley. The two courtyards on the sides are private gardens full of greenery and walking paths. This division of spaces creates a balance between public and private interests.

Another goal of the project was to keep the green nature of the neighborhood. To achieve that, the underground parking lot was reduced to the required minimum, the existing trees will be saved, and new ones will be planted. The main idea of the project was to divide the buildings and courtyards into smaller parts – “neighborhood units”, to assure feelings of attachment and safety that could be at stake given the scale of the project. There are ten units, each consisting of two up to four buildings. The groups have a particular design of greenery composition, paths, and facades. Individual detail appears in balcony railings, entrance niches, doors, and gates. The uniqueness of particular units that at the same time create a coherent whole guarantee a feeling of freshness and prevent threats of overwhelming big-scale building.


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