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location: Poznań

usable area: 36 043 m²

project: 2020-2023

While designing residential buildings on the premises of former industrial plants, we were looking for a reference to the traditional urban planning of the district in the form of quarter buildings and we strived to use the industrial potential of the place and location. The designed urban plan draws on the traditional urban layouts of downtown buildings and is based on the layout of four quarters, which are composed of two elements: compact development located along the outer edges of the quarter and a detached building enclosing the development. The internal space between buildings has been intended for recreation. It has been accentuated in the shape of detached buildings by the delicate breakthroughs of the facades..

The quarter is connected with the district's urban layout by roads and pedestrian ways. An important element is a square, which is planned as the new center of the district. In the north-eastern corner of the square there is a fragment of the former industrial plant hall, which, in accordance with the conservation guidelines and the provisions of the local development plan, should be left and incorporated into the planned urban layout. In line with the adopted principle of creating a traditional city space, we decided to display an industrial relic of a former factory in the form of a free-standing building located at the corner of the square, similarly to the town hall building in traditional city layouts. Therefore, the façade from the side of the square was treated in a special way in terms of articulation and form - similarly to the façades of the church building or the town hall set in the corners of historical squares.


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