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location: Poznań project: 2019 investor: Globis Poznań Sp. z o.o.

GTC Globis building revitalization project. The proposal consists of a facade of the building and the functional arrangement associated with it. The reception area was moved to the most representative part of the building - its corner. At this point, the rhythm of the facade was changed and the arcade increased. Thanks to this, pedestrians are invited inside, and the corner itself becomes the most important place of the entire intersection. The backyard of the building has become a rest zone for employees. A varied space has been designed to allow employees to spend breaks in close proximity to greenery. The entire patio space was given to the employees. The change in the facade expression was achieved by rearranging the block and giving it a constant rhythm. The nature of the two connected blocks is emphasized by the detail of the inter-story cornice. Aluminum perforated building cloak gives the whole building a lighter character. The representative part of the ground floor was made of architectural concrete. The subtle facade cladding suits the richly finished interior of the entrance area.


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