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location: Warsaw, Ursynów usable area: 7 588 m² project: 2018

The investment area is divided into 14 plots of approximate size of 700 m². Each building has its own staircase with an entrance from the north. On each of the three floors there are two apartments with windows on three sides. To ensure privacy on the terraces, each successive story is withdrawn from the south. The size and location of the windows reflects the functional division into the day and night zone within the apartments. South façade has the largest openings - floor-high windows and corner openings. The compact form of the building with large openings from the south creates an elegant architectural expression of the building. The subdued color of the near white façade developed in plaster is set with the cladding in the recesses of the loggia and the openwork window frames with railings from the south side.


© 2018 BDM Architekci

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