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location: Płock usable area: 30 000 m2 project: 2019

The main idea for the Concert Hall building along with the Nowy Rynek (New Market) square was the creation of an attractive multifunctional public space accessible to everybody, while at the same time fitting into the already existing urban tissue. Proposed buildings create new urban walls along with the space of the New Market square. At the same time, the accessibility from the streets is not limited, as passages between the service areas have been introduced. The Concert Hall building has a very simple structure, it consists of a lower part with the utility rooms and of the hall blocks towering above it. Special attention was paid to the aesthetics and simplicity of the solutions during the design stage. The building has three entrances: the main one from the southern facade, the administrative one from the north, and through an additional one from the choir from the east.

Each of the entrances leads through a green courtyard. Greenery also appears inside of the building: in the main foyer and in the choir foyer part. The building is divided into three functional parts. Spaces for guests and hall users are located around the southern courtyard. The spaces behind the concert halls are intended for the artists and musicians, therefore creating a hierarchy in access. The administrative rooms and some of the dressing rooms have been placed upstairs. The greenery is an integral part of the interior of the building. The idea for the interior of the building includes an illusion of walking along city streets.


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